I have a wet UFH in a loft conversion, it fitted in between the joists, on suspended insulation sheets, with heat diffuser plates, and above it is chipboard, a thin foam layer and a 7mm laminate flooring.

It has 2 zones, for the 2 loft rooms, each with a heatmiser timer/thermostat control.

My issue, is that the warmup time is approx 1.5 hours to get the floor to 1C above the room temp (starting from cold floor). and the room stat takes about another hour to notice the temp 1C change at its mid height up the wall.

As the system is design to heat the air in the room, i understand the method of control, but i do not think it is very efficient.

Is there any other method of controlling the UFH, by measuring floor temp as well ?

I have tried to keep the room stats around 18C. but as the downstairs room air is between 18-19 the stat doesn’t switch on the UFH at all until the downstairs heating goes off late in the evening – leaving a 2 hour delay for the rooms to warm up.

Ideally, i want the floor temp to stay at something like 16C, so any temp increase would take effect faster, and the floor would feel warm and more comfortable than a cold laminate in the evening and morning.

any thoughts ?

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