• Adam

    I know this is an old-ish thread but I wanted to jump in and help if you haven’t started work yet.

    DO NOT pay your contractor any VAT. On a new build if you pay your contractor or any of your subbies VAT You will not be able to claim it back.

    You can claim back VAT on materials for your self build only. Labour should be charged at 0% for VAT purposes. Certain items you will also be able to receive VAT free. For example windows or any other item where the manufacturer is making you a bespoke item. I had to supply a photocopy of my planning permission and they waived the VAT. Not every supplier can do this (builders merchants/big sheds etc) as they would struggle with the scale of the paperwork involved.

    Anybody that tells you they must charge VAT on their labour is misinformed. Ask them to speak to their accountant and get back to you!

    Good luck with the build.

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