We have laid a liquid concrete screed floor over our underfloor heating. In a few months when it is dry what preparations do we need to make or special materials do we need to use in order to tile it?

  • Adam

    Hello Dawn,

    Once your liquid concrete floor is dried it will most likely be pretty level. If installed correctly many of the liquid systems give you a sound, level finish.

    If you wish to tile you could do so directly onto this screed finish. It would be beneficial to speak to your builder of screed installer to ask if you need to seal or prime the surface in any way.
    You are also able to purchase an aftermarket liquid latex levelling compound. When installed correctly these products can offer you a very flat surface upon which to work.

    If you have a large area to cover then it would be best to avoid the premixed stuff and opt for the large 25kg bags of powder to mix. If you’re not a competent diy’er I’d recommend letting the builder or tiler lay it though. If mixed correctly it’s great to use. If the consistency is wrong it will ruin the floor and is a pain to remove once its gone hard!

    Good luck.


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