We have dug up the nasty old concrete floor in our 18th century Derbyshire mill conversion in readiness to lay water and waste pipes, plus ducting for other services. We are going to be replacing it with a nice new insulated limecrete floor with wet UFH which will be fully ‘breathable’.

We have dug down about 300mm to allow for the flooring system and around the same again for the pipe trenches. The trouble is, in going down that additional 300mm or so for the pipes, we have hit the water table and now have around 200mm of water sitting in the trenches.

What can we do? Do we need to install a permanent drainage system to get rid of the water or do we just pump it out as a one-off, lay the pipes and ducting, cover and lay the new flooring on top? We’ve no experience of how the water table behaves or what we can do to overcome this issue, so any advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,

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