• Anonymous

    In my opinion if you’re worried about the financial future of your main contractor then you should be paying for materials in your own name – meaning you take ownership of them should the worst happen. Generally, main contractors would have credit terms with merchants (between 30 and 90 days) which means that, if you’re paying monthly in arrears for work done and materials provided, the materials should be in your possession and delivered to site in your name before you need to pay him for them.

  • Stephen Margerison

    Have you not watched "rogue builders????" not that yours is one, but why pay anything ? as the previous person rightly said, builders have monthly accounts, so if you pay the weekly wage bill, then initially that’s enough. !! he may want money if you are ordering a timber frame, but make sure its in your name ! also remember the 20% vat is reclaimable ! good luck, SKM
    ps keep in touch (I am a builder) cheers

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