a couple of years and then sell. we would like to raise a small mortgage on it for ourselves in the meantime. do we need both?

  • Adam

    I have just recently encountered a similar situation to the one that Natasha finds herself in. I recently completed a ten month project substantially extending and modernising a dilapidated Victorian house. The scope of work was all encompassing and the home looks brand new although plenty of the original structure remains under the new plasterwork internally and the render and cladding externally.

    A buyer for the property has asked that a Professional Consultants Certificate is supplied on top of building regs completion certificate to prove the work was undertaken in the correct manner. You can pay a few thousand pounds to get a PCC retrospectively but I can’t help but feel that is a pointless waste of time. The building control officer has overseen the build and granted the completion certificate already. Why should I pay again for a surveyor to look, superficially I might add, at the house and then issue his or her "Professional Consultants Certificate" to attest to its safe construction. Last time I checked it was only superman who had x-ray vision and could see through walls. I feel what is more pertinent here is that a PCC comes with the handy addition of a "warranty" for 6 years.

    The buyers have been told by the mortgage adviser that they will need the PCC to get a mortgage. Why? What is about these PCC’s that is so super? A building regs certificate has always been the critical paperwork when extending or doing notifiable works.

    There appears to be a conflict of opinion on whether this is a new build house. It looks like one because of the scope of the completed works but it is not. Surely then it only requires the building regulations completion certificate to prove it was correctly built. Or am I losing the plot here and some new legislation or rules have been introduced without my knowledge?

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