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The traditional Japanese process of shou sugi ban has been used for centuries. The intricate process creates a beautiful surface which also makes the material more resilient.

Whether you’re looking for a feature wall or a new-look garden, here are five ways you can use heat enhanced architectural timber to add the wow factor.

External Cladding

Using heat-enhanced and pressure-treated homegrown larch, the impressive properties of this architectural timber mean it is ideal for cladding the exterior of your home. It has a water-repellent, self-cleaning surface that therefore offers an exciting low-maintenance option for your home’s exterior.

1) Commit to Cladding

Charred timber can be used to clad a property's exterior

When it comes to design options for the exterior of your home, you could choose to clad the entire facade in heat enhanced architectural timber for a low-maintenance option. Thanks to its UV stability, your chosen colour will remain fresh and vibrant for memories to come.

2) Add Architectural Intrigue

Charred timber can help to add some architectural interest to your home

Heat enhanced architectural timber can also be a great way to highlight unique, standout features, creating a real sense of the wow-factor and making the most out of points of architectural interest.

3) Decking

Charred timber is a great choice for decking

Designed using imported redwood, decking is another wonderful way to incorporate the heat enhanced timber into your property. Make sure to choose a HVOC-free option with 0% hazardous substances to ensure peace of mind when the family and pets are enjoying the new look.

Internal Cladding

You can be forgiven for thinking that heat enhanced architectural timber is only suited to exterior applications, but it can also create a great look inside your home. The decking and cladding can be specified in a selection of colours to suit all interior colour schemes and it’s a great eco-friendly material for those designing with sustainability in mind.

4) No-fuss, New-look Kitchen

Charred timber can be used internally, and could work great as a kitchen splashback

The water repellent nature of heat enhanced architectural timber makes it a great, no-fuss option for a kitchen. Aesthetically, the product is versatile enough to create striking feature walls, pronounced trims and pretty much anything else you have in mind.

5) Add an Industrial Vibe to Your Living Areas

Charred timber in a living room

If you’re a fan of industrial styles, it’s well worth considering heat enhanced architectural timber for a living room, hallway or bedroom. You can choose a more muted colourway for a subtle introduction of texture, or go for a bolder shade to really play on the industrial trend.

Where to Buy

BSW Timber has recently launched IRO, a new and innovative range of architectural cladding and decking. While traditional timber alternatives will fade over time, IRO is coated in Rubio Monocoat cream and guarantees a long-lasting finish.

It is available in a suite of 15 exclusive colours which are tailored to suit current trends. IRO is manufactured in Britain and is 100% eco-friendly. Visit to find out more or to order a sample box.

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