Please can anyone advise on the VAT situation with our double garage conversion?

We have a Grade II listed cottage and a large double garage within the curtilage. The garage has not been “occupied” or used as a dwelling at all within the past 10 years. It was constructed circa 1986 and is now in a poor state hence our application to rebuild as a small house.

We have obtained planning permission and listing building consent to demolish the garage (we aim to level the site) and build a one bedroom house with kitchen, toilet and living room.

I would like to know if we can claim the VAT back on the build?

It appears to me we may be able to. The local planning department have not stated in the conditions that the new house can’t be sold as a seperate entity (although this is not our intention anyway) but equally they haven’t said it is a seperate entity. It is this point that makes me raise the question regarding claiming the VAT back.

Any advise would be gratefully received.


  • Edward Rubie

    Having just seen the question you submitted last year I can assist as I have experience of your situation.
    Edward Rubie

  • Nigel Watts

    I am knocking down a single garage (concrete, asbestos roof) and putting up a building with a loo, shower, single story, one main room. It will have its own electrics, boiler. can i claim VAT back on this?

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