Hi guys,
This is my first post so bare with me 🙂

My partner and I are currently buying our first home. We have had an offer accepted and homebuyer survey done.
Within the report, some feedback came back stating there was some unsupported brickwork in the loft.
Both the chimney stacks have been removed from the ground and first floor leaving it only in the loft.
The sellers also bought the property in the same way and there is no evidence (building applications etc) present so was therefore done a long time ago.

My question is could anyone advise as to how much this will potentially cost to rectify? I would like to know before moving forward as this will affect our decision to take the cost on the chin or to ask to have the cost taken off of the asking price.

Thank you in advance

  • Peter Eade

    If the ground and first floor chimney breasts are removed the remaining part of the chimneys in the loft space and above can be supported by two purpose made steel gallows brackets. These brackets work fine if your house is post war and built with cement mortar, if the house was built with a lime mortar mix then brackets are not the answer as the party wall is probably not able to support the additional loading. I would suggest you get a structural engineer to have a look; he would be able to advise the way forward.

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