I’m having a new house built and now have to decide on heating. Can you have under floor heating downstairs and radiators up stairs and run them off the same boiler? I am aware they need different temperatures so wonder if it is possible and efficient?

  • Alasdair Macmillan

    Yes you can. If using low-temperature water heating (ASHP, GSHP etc) you will need high-output radiators at first floor, but this is common, particularly when weighed against the expense of first floor underfloor heating. If using high-temperature heating (oil-fired, log boiler etc) then no problem – the underfloor heating pipes will differ in specification and spacing than those used for low-temp, but no problem. Your plumber will be able to provide more information.

  • Anonymous

    If I were you (obviously I don’t know house size/construction of first floor etc) I would use a good output condensing boiler with a heat bank/store made for the purpose (try DPS/Heatweb or others though I prefer DPS as they build for what you want and don’t try to sell you a standard solution) with two pumps. One pump for the top of the store which gets hotter quicker (due to where boiler input is) and will satisfy rad output and another pump/outlet lower down the tank with blending valve for the UFH.

    Personally I wouldn’t bother with ASHP/GSHP. Just go for boiler, heatbank, solar thermal and, if you like, a log burner with back boiler as an add on. That lot will cost a lot less than going the GSHP route and most times if you are trying to satisfy hot water and rads the coefficient of performance that you gain from using a GSHP/ASHP will be lost as you try to satisfy higher temps and it actually costs more than using a normal condensing boiler! Remember they use electric….which costs a lot more than gas. They’re good when specced right but often are not and cost a fortune both in setup and electric.

    All the best


  • David Oliver

    Yes. We have just done it. But only put rads in bathrooms. No probs to date. Do you really need rads in the bedrooms in a well insulated new build. We are relying on disrtibution of heat from downstairs + bathrooms using MVHR. Also a lot cheaper to install/run than ASHP/GSHP & we get 91% of the heat from our ventilation back.

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