We have a timber and roughcast Plot Land bungalow for which we have replacement permission of 105 sq metres it is in an unihabitable state but could be sorted by extending to both sides and the new permitted development of eight metres to the rear. under the new pd rights. I have a builder who says it is doable.
I put in for the above 2 sides plus rear and it was sent back and I was told just send a plan for the rear. Sides have to be an application for Lawful Development. I have sent the PD application just for the rear and now they are saying that they have altered the application to a three metre wide by eight metre deep application despite the building being all pre 1948 and over seven metres wide as original. I upset the planners some years back by getting approval on appeal for the house I live in and then compensation from the Ombudsman of £3500 pounds for how they behaved during the process. There have been issues with myself and the authority and there is no love lost between us. I feel ths is personal as do friends and residents . We live in a little village and the plot is in a semi rural area in a row of four other properties . The properties on either side are both large one being over 3 floors. The neighbouring properties were originally of a similar construction to ours which has a 20 metre frontage and is half an acre in total. How can I deal with this issue and can they do this change my application from an extension 8×7 to 8×3 under the new regs

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    The local authority have no right to alter your application without your prior written approval. If I were in your position and was undertaking these works I would submit a householder application for all the extension works you wish to undertake so that there is no misunderstanding and if refused by the council you can take it to appeal. However if the current PD limits were being adhered too then you should just be able to send your neighbour consultation form to the council and unless you hear from the council within the 42 day determination period then you can assume that you have permission to proceed.

    Hope that helps!

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