I am looking to convert a 1 bedroom flat, into a 2 bedroom flat, by moving the kitchen into the large lounge. making it a kitchen/ lounge. Do I need to get planning permission? Do I need to notify anyone about it?

  • Mark Brinkley

    No, not unless there are specific conditions attached to your flat purchase. If so, they would be in the deeds.

  • Olivia Cappuccini

    Hi Tia,

    Excuse me for the direct approach. I am working on behalf of Predictable Media for an exciting new TV programme for a major broadcaster.

    We are interested in hearing from people with projects on the go that are buying materials and furnishings from Ebay, Gumtree and other online sites like this.

    We are in the initial research stages for this programme but are looking for projects to potentially feature so I would be keen to find out more.

    Many thanks


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