We are interested in a house purchase but have found out the 1990’s extension is timber frame that is not up to today’s standard. The main part of the house is 17th century and timber framed (this part is not a problem, how mad is that) but it is the extension that the mortgage companies do not like and will not pass the mortgage because of it.

My question is – can the timber framed 2 storey 1990’s extension be made up to today’s standard without pulling it down and rebuilding?

Should I walk away from this house??

Any thoughts would be appreciated

  • Alasdair Macmillan

    Do the mortgage company say what they dislike about it? Structure? Insulation?

  • Lisa POWELL

    Hello Alasdair
    It is the structure they do not like. The timber is not up to todays regulations.

  • Alasdair Macmillan

    Hmm in that case I would contact a local Structural Engineer and ask him to look at it. He may need to carry out a disruptive survey (i.e open it up to look at it) to confirm the structural build-up but it sounds like this has already been done if the structure has been rejected by the mortgage company. He will be able to suggest any remedial works appropriate to the extension.

    Also, it may be worth speaking to other lenders – not all have the same restrictions.

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