How thick is a wall constructed with ICF and brickwork exterior?

  • Samuel Joy

    Hi Tony,

    This article explains the thickness of all the main building systems (with diagrams), including ICF

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    Samuel Joy

  • Anonymous

    Tony, Depends on the type of ICF wall (there are many e.g. Polysteel, BecoWallForm etc etc…100’s literally) really. However, in general, you are looking at between 280-400 for the ICF with concrete fill and then your brickslips on outside which can be around 25mm plus mortar.

    My own is 330 (basement) to 280 (above basement) for ICF but with render on top of it. This obviously doesn’t include your interior fit-out, which again depends on what you are doing. I.e. you can just put 12.5mm plasterboard on top with skim or you can use MF metal system (knauf) to put a gap between the polystyrene and your interior wall.

    There’s as many variations as there are hot dinners!

    KR, Dave

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