The staircase that we will use as the main point of entry to the home is one of the more complicated elements of the build. The reason why it is a little complex is that when finished, it will be uncovered and open to the elements. This means we have had to take extra measures with the insulation, drainage and watertightness.

The stairs themselves are a series of concrete lintels on angled, glass reinforced plastic brackets, bolted into the side walls. We then built a timber frame that protrudes past the roof allowing us to build flower beds around the top of the stairs.

The stairwell walls will be blown with the same beaded insulation we have used elsewhere, and then insulated the stairs with a Kingspan product. The stairs and landing at the bottom have been covered with good, old fashioned asphalt that works really well on non-standard shapes.

Back at the top you understand how this will all work with the roof. A flowerbed with a Corten edge will sit around the stairs. You will walk off the common onto a path and drop down into the building through the flowerbeds. It has a somewhat Bond-villainesque element to it — or maybe something more spiritual, but you can make up your own mind about that.

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