It’s mid-May, and the new and improved has been up and running for almost two months. It’s amazing how much the site has come on over this period, with lots of features that weren’t available when we launched now up and running (finally)! Although myself and the rest of the team are happy with how things have gone so far, we realise there’s a long way to go.

Firstly, the long and winding (and seemingly never ending) road that is the old’s content. Whilst we have been working hard to get as much of the old content over to the new site as possible, in its new and reorganised format, we recognise that we still have a long way to go, especially in regards to the completed projects and houseplans. I’ve had a few emails off you, our readers, requesting that specific homes be put back up on site as they were essential for an up and coming meeting with an architect or designer etc and I have tried, where possible, to do this. All I can say is that with over 500 homes to do, this task is not the shortest one, although I promise that they will all be transferred over at some point – I guarantee they will all be up by the next time we host the Olympics (2012 London Olympics excluded-read out in a really quick, end of advert type voice). In all serious though it won’t be long, we want to show them off with their new, full-size images as much as you want to see them.

Whilst the above task is ongoing, next week sees the start of the launch: phase 2. From Monday onwards we will be testing all the interactive areas of the site with a view to having this fully functioning by the end of the month. Whilst we believe the new site is a far more enjoyable experience than the old one, both visually and from a functionality point of view, when the interactive areas are up and running than the site should really come into it’s own, working as a portal allowing the discussion of self-build, custom build, renovating and extending between ourselves and yourselves. Once registration is complete the new Q&A section will be transformed, allowing users to ask questions, answer questions and simply discuss amongst each other the problems, or successes, they have encountered during their build. At the same time, the blogging area and the return of the ability to comment on the blogs and other articles will allow interaction between our experts and yourselves. Our completely new registration and profile section will allow users to build up their own, mini version of – if you like an article, it will go to your profile page, if you comment on a Q&A, it will be present on your profile page and through this we hope that you’ll be able to view and interact with the areas of the site that are most relevant to you, without having to go looking for it.

All in all, we feel that it’s a very exciting time at the moment, and to be honest we hope that over the next few weeks, you’ll understand why.

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