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The rapid advances in technology have changed the way we live in our homes. If you watch a film from even 10 years ago the homes, lifestyles and the technology now seem dated. The kitchen industry has followed this trend and the most successful brands are the ones who have continued to develop and use the latest technology in the styles and the technical features they offer. They have also watched the developments in other technologies and can incorporate them into their ranges.

Lifestyle Kitchens

Lifestyle kitchens are kitchens which are designed with your lifestyle in mind and which enhance your lifestyle rather than just be a place where you store and cook food. Of course this will always be an important aspect of modern kitchens but it fits alongside the fact that people now spend a lot of time living in their kitchens. As we have increased the demands on our kitchens we have increased the size of this part of our homes. Modern homes have also become more open plan and the kitchen furniture has had to include media and living furniture to maintain a theme throughout.

The trend to more open plan living has led to the development of pocket doors to hide the kitchen appliances which are still of course essential, as many people do enjoy the experience of cooking at home. These open to expose the cooking appliances and sink when they are in use and then close over them when they are not in use.

Advances in Storage

We no longer need to search through cupboards to find the ingredients and equipment we want to use. The range of internal fittings for storage is now such that you rarely find a simple cupboard with doors and shelves in modern kitchen design. Recent developments are drawer boxes which are up to 715mm deep and 1800mm wide, perhaps a bit extreme for many kitchens but it shows the dramatic change from the day of the 500 wide standard drawer unit. There is now a pull-out fitting available for every type of storage so we can quickly find what we are looking for.

Cooking Technology

Kitchen appliances have advanced dramatically and the induction hob is probably one of the most popular. There is no faster, safer or cleaner way to work on a hob than with this system. The induction coil creates heat directly in the steel base of the pan so the hob only ever heats to the residual pan heat meaning nothing burns in. It’s so easy to clean and never looks unsightly, which is an important feature in a living space. Induction hobs very rapidly heat up and cool down the pans so control is very precise and reduces the chance of a burnt offering being the end result.

Combination ovens are another advance which cuts down cooking times and keeps food tasting more natural. This can be a combination of steam, microwave, grill and fan depending on what you need but the effect is that roasting, steaming and baking are all faster and creates a better result.

LED Lighting

The advances in feature lighting with improved LED lights have resulted in a wide range of specialised kitchen lighting. These include lighting for plinths, under worktops, over tall units, under wall units and inside storage units. The benefit of LED lighting is the low power requirement, small size and long lifespan.

The kitchens and appliances you buy should be more than just cupboards and cookers. It’s important to consider your lifestyle and insist on a design that has all the features you need to meet your ideal requirements. The end result will be a kitchen and living space that adds to your enjoyment of your home and reduces the effort required to deal with the daily chores.

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