Test your knowledge of building terms and hold your own on a site or in the builder’s merchant – you’ll never be blinded by jargon again! Some phrases are common, others are more obscure, but they all appear in our Bluffer’s Guide. From the list, choose the option you believe is nearest in meaning to the key word, then check the answers below.

Question 1: What is a Pillar?

A) A simple vertical structure
B) An engaged column
C) A vertical element that supports part of a building
D) A miniature

Question 2: What is Ashlar?

A) Paving composed of large square blocks
B) A cramp or similar fastening
C) A thin dressed stone used to face a building
D) An artificial roofing slate

Question 3: What is Cob?

A) A small boulder
B) An earth and straw mixture used as infill
C) Coarse grained wood
D) A foundation pile placed so that it touches adjacent piles

Question 4: What is to Fettle?

A) To pack clay between studs
B) To lay roof tiles in a decorative pattern
C) To mix plaster with fibres
D) To remove irrregularities from a cast component

Question 5: What is Dichroic?

A) Composed of two colours
B) An interlocking notch in log home construction
C) A pattern in brickwork
D) An arch of any shape having less rise than a semicircle

Question 6: What is a Tine?

A) Coated with tin
B) A slender prong
C) A hardwood peg used to attach roof tiles
D) An exterior glazed ceramic tile

Question 7: What is a Chevron?

A) A bonded course of stone
B)  Cracking wood with the grain
C) The rear wall of a fireplace
D) A decorative pattern in the form of a repeated letter ‘v’

Question 8: What is an Oriel?

A) A herringbone pattern
B) A window which projects from a building
C) A continuous winding stair
D) An oval or round window

Question 9: What is are Pole Rafters?

A) Buildings without walls so the eaves rest on the ground
B) Ceiling joists high enough to walk underneath
C) Saplings stripped of bark and used in log form
D) A plate that supports rafters

Question 10: What is a Queen Post?

A) A vertical hanging member
B) An ornamental figure formed of oak leaves
C) A geometric figure of five objects
D) A block of stone used as the base of a post

Q1: A, Q2: C, Q3: B, Q4: D, Q5: A, Q6: B, Q7: D, Q8: B, Q9: C, Q10: A.