Now we’ve reached the stage where we can start the interior fit out, as well as first fix plumbing and electrics.

The majority of our internal walls are load-bearing concrete block structures – which provide acoustic separation and thermal mass and as such, we made the decision not to cover them with plasterboard.

For airtightness purposes, the concrete block walls are subject to a two-coat cement rendering process (the first coat is scratched to give the second coat something to adhere to).

The walls are going to be finished with sponged, gritty effect as opposed to smooth, struck plaster to introduce a sense of texture into the space. As we have a smooth concrete floor, a flat ceiling and lots of glass, it was important for us to keep the walls textured to not only juxtapose the smoothness of the rest of the design, but to give a real handmade feel to the walls.

We also put in the first fix of the door frames, so we can really imagine how our lovely tall doors (standing at 2.73m high) are going to look when it all comes together.

To break up the open plan kitchen, dining and living areas, we’ve added an aesthetic stud wall, thus creating a broken plan space.

Now we’re starting to feel the spaces as they are going to be and that is hugely exciting.

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