This is one of many piles of scrub and rotten wood we’ve burned.  Ross gathers all the waste branches and wood and makes a big pile, and I run around taking things off the pile which I think we should save.   Some things, unfortunately, are just too rotten to save, but we’ve kept all the hinges and latches for use on new doors.    We’ve also got tonnes of reclaimed tiles to move out of the steading, which is testing our strength and my new wheelbarrow.

Nothing moves particularly fast in the architecture world, it seems, although it doesn’t matter too much at this stage because we’ve got lots of clearing and re-pointing to do, which will probably take us all summer.   I’m hoping we can get the drainage sorted out this year at least.

Look closely and the tiny specks are tadpoles!  There are oyster catchers, lapwings, greenfinches and this weekend the cuckoo arrived.   They’ll also be grateful for the slow progress, since most of them are having babies in our roofs.

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