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Self-undercoating gloss for Interior & Exterior woodwork, Int. floors & painted metal

Coverage: approx 12m2/litre per coat on non-porous surfaces. VOC content <0.1g/Litre

Prep – Remove any loose, dusty or flaking material. Use only high quality fillers – seal with this product diluted with 10% water. Substrate must be clean and dry (no dirt, oil, grease etc). Previously painted wood or metal surfaces need a light rub-down with sandpaper. Bare hardwoods need priming. Concrete must be dry & dust-free; dilute first coat with 15% water.

Paint – Drying time: approx one hour with light ventilation. Stir well to ensure the paint is completely mixed. Apply 2-3 coats with a short pile roller or fibrillated brush, leave 8 hours between coats. TIP: drying may take longer in very cold or humid conditions. If the colour change is very strong, more coats may be required. Outdoors & Floors need 3 coats. Do not lay-off. Cleaning – with a wet sponge, do not use harsh, abrasive, alkaline cleaners. Full cure & hardness is achieved in approx 10 days – avoid washing, wetting or abrasion for this time.

Clean-Up – wash equipment, brushes and rollers in water.

Storage – Store paint in dry conditions away from frost & heat.

Health & Safety – this product is considered to be non-toxic and safe – but do not swallow and keep out of the reach of children.

Handmade Retro Colours of the 50’s 60’s 70’s  

This summer sees the launch of a new paint range that is truly out of this world.   The buzzing palette from Sputnik brings exciting new trends to your living space.  Their 84 unique colours are as individual as you are – You won’t find these special shades anywhere else.  Each one uses up to 9 different pigments to create interest, depth and complexity – hard to pin down and impossible to copy.

And all are self-undercoating – which means there’s no need for any primers or undercoats – just dig out that brush and open the tin!

Sputnik’s range includes authentic colours of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s to evoke that unique Retro vibe and jazz-up your walls & ceilings or re-invent your furniture – Upcycle, Recycle, Repurpose, Reinvent – it’s a Brave New World out there!

From Shabby Chic to smooth & sleek – you have all the kinds of paints here that you are ever going to need – and all so easy to use.

One thing you’ve doubtless noticed with all of the mainstream paints, right from the “Cheap-as-chips” up to the “Designer” ranges, is the fact that their colour palettes are almost identical.  Not only does this make things quite boring, it makes it harder to be different and almost impossible to be unique. So handmade Sputnik is dashing to the rescue – to shake things up & be very different – to offer you colours that you won’t find anywhere else and to go where no paint brand has gone before!

And with very fine honing, Sputnik has done all this with only 84 colourways – you really don’t need 180 shades to find that particular colour that you are going to like – a carefully thought-out colour catalogue is the key to your satisfaction!

Oh, and a handmade approach to care and quality throughout…..

(though thirty years in the paint business doesn’t hurt either).

When the subject turns to the tricky one of colour, it’s not only the intensity, shade and hue that make up the recipe, but the vital blend of those factors that makes Sputnik unique – in other words, pigments & how to use them – and this is also why

Sputnik handmade paints subtly change mood with different lighting to build a visual rapport with the natural ambience of your home – Science working for you!

All Self-Undercoating, the Sputnik range is available in matt, eggshell, satin, gloss and masonry paint.  All are ultra-low VOC, non-toxic, virtually odourless and perfectly safe to use in nurseries and children’s rooms.

With prices from £61.99 for 2.5L, or testers at £2.99, you can order online for ultra-fast delivery at or just browse and read more about Sputnik.

CLICK HERE to order a Free colour card and see a whole new world of colour open up for you!