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Regardless of your home’s interior design, there are horizontal radiators available to suit your needs. After all, they’re one of the most popular ways to heat your home today, thanks to their timeless shape, range of styles available, and of course, their efficiency when it comes to actually doing their job.

Horizontal radiators, whether they’re flat panel radiators, column radiators or another form of the design, bring subtlety and sophistication to your home – you won’t have to worry about fitting them into a certain type of décor or theme, as they fit seamlessly into their surroundings. They are available in a range of different materials, textures and finishes, so that you can rest easily knowing your new home addition will fit into the room without disturbing the ambiance. They’re also available in a range of different sizes, so that no matter how large or small your room is, you’re sure to find the perfect option for you.

At Designer Radiators Direct, we offer an exclusive and extensive range of fantastic horizontal designer radiators so you’ll be well and truly spoilt for choice. As well as the different materials and textures available, you’ll also find a plethora of radiators on our site in different and unique colours, so you can choose whether to go for something classic and chic, or perhaps a more daring, eye catching option.

As well as this, on our site you’ll also find a wonderful range of one-of-a-kind finishes, which include (but aren’t limited to) chrome, anthracite and hard wax oil, all adding something different to the homes they can be found in. Each of these options have their own benefits, and so when investing in your new radiator, it is best to look at each model’s heat outputs and compare that to the BTU of the room it’s going to go in. This will help give you a really good idea of which style suits you and your home best.

Our horizontal radiators truly are the perfect mix of functionality, fun and style, and will make the ideal addition to any home, office or any other environment you put them in! Our customer service team are also on hand to provide any guidance or support necessary to help you on your journey to choosing the right radiator for you, so take full advantage of our years of expertise – get in touch today.


Designer Radiators Direct see it as their mission to provide customers with an outstanding choice of the very best designer radiators on the market – and at the very best prices possible. A family-run-business based in Preston, Lancashire, where you’ll find the showroom’s location. They are a company that believes terrific interior design should not be limited by expense and should always be possible in the realm of home heating.

So, their market-leading radiators and accessories are not only available to purchase from and order for delivery within their physical store, but also via the website. Why shouldn’t you be able to create a living space that’s not just warm in the autumn and winter months, but stylish all year round? And why shouldn’t you be able to do this via the mere push of a button?

But what of the radiators themselves? Why are the models we sell the best you’ll find anywhere – in both performance and appearance? Well, each model featured on site is handpicked by professional experts. Naturally, every one of them looks terrific, with an eye-catching, beautiful design that oozes cool, contemporary style, yet you’ll also find they’re outstanding in terms of reliability and heat output.

Indeed, to discover exactly the right model for a room in your home, be sure to use the website’s BTU calculator. So long as you’re armed with the necessary details you’ll need (such as the room’s dimensions), it’ll speed up your own choosing and buying process, putting you in full control of your radiator purchase.

Designer Radiators Direct also pride themselves on the quality of their customer service. Not least because they offer free delivery on every radiator model they sell. In fact, some models can be shipped directly to your door within just one day of you placing an order on the site. Visit the ‘Next Day Delivery Radiators’ section to discover which of them can be bought and delivered this way – Designer Radiators Direct  are sure you won’t be disappointed with the choice!

Additionally, you’ll find their website easy to navigate and flexible in how it allows you to choose between and buy radiator models and accessories – many of which you’ll discover are reviewed and rated by previous customers. For instance, the site enables you to place any item you’re interested in purchasing in a permanent virtual cart, ensuring it’ll remain there until you decide to check-out or you change your mind and want to remove it.

The website then is designed precisely with browsers and current, future and returning customers in mind; it’s versatile and brimming with not just imagery but detailed information on every product they sell – and features a blog in which Designer Radiators Direct share their insight on the home heating industry, culture and reality in today’s world.

Finally, if you have any questions you need answering or any issues you need solving, you can phone or email Designer Radiators Direct’s friendly customer service team – they’ll be only too happy to hear from you and help with your inquiry.