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Your Blueprint Consultation Put your project on the Right Track by getting the right advice upfront

They have developed a new service for people considering their new build eco-luxe home. This is proving very popular for new builds, extensions and major remodelling.

Have you ever heard the term ‘on time and on budget’?

If not this concept is an important one. On time and on budget is a term used in all big projects. The term refers to completing a project within the planned time frames and within the planned budget. Many times this does not happen, and for your project, this is bad news.

There are many reasons projects might not come in ‘on time and on budget’ but by far the No 1 reason is lack of planning in the early phases. At some point during your ‘build’ you are going to discover a way to make your dream home better. It could be a design change like increasing the height of your Living Rooms or switching Kitchen suppliers. It could be a window or door in a better place. Your lifestyle may necessitate a new room layout. It might be a design that saves you money or dramatically improves the livability of the spaces.

When shortcuts are taken early on and people rush into the design phase then people do not discover all the options they had (or what they really wanted) until the concrete has been poured. Without getting a full Needs and Options Review conducted before the builders get on site homeowners regularly shortchange their design and compromise their lifestyle.

Eliminate risk

The consequence of inadequate upfront research of needs and options is like building a house on bad foundations. The foundations are the most important part of the whole house because everything is built on top. It’s very expensive to change the foundations once you have started to build on top of them. But very easy to change them if they are simply lines on a plan.

Why we are different

That’s what makes us different, they spend more time on the research than most other firms who rush their clients into the design phase because that is where they earn more money. They take a different approach. In fact, they will only work with clients who are prepared to do the Needs and Options review properly. They will not rush this step. Taking shortcuts only causes cost overruns later. If they take shortcuts they don’t establish solid foundations.

The best for you

The Needs and Options Review is the most important step because it provides the foundational thinking that everything else builds upon. So they spend a little more time on the research than most other firms who rush their clients into the design phase.

The Process

There are five important steps in designing and delivering your new home (and any other type of project for that matter):

  1. BLUEPRINT – Your Needs and Options Review – which is the first step
  2. 2. Outline Design phase
  3. 3. Scheme Level and Planning phase
  4. 4. Technical documentation
  5. 5. Tender and Delivery phase

Mark Muir Architecture

When You Are Not Willing To Compromise Your Dreams Mark Muir Architecture is a creative, award-winning studio that practices sensitive, contemporary and sustainable architecture. Their design philosophy is in direct response to your unique lifestyle and aspirations. They recognise you want to be a part of something bigger.

A building is defined by space, light and the people that use it. Mark Muir Architecture takes your vision and delivers an environment that exceeds expectations. They offer the highest level of service delivered by people at the very top of their respective skills. Design quality is an absolute given but is only the beginning of the experience.

Mark Muir LIVING

Regardless of size, scale or budget our approach to all residential projects (new build, extensions or major renovations) is to primarily understand the client’s vision and then work very hard to explore options to find a living space that exceeds expectations yet remain practical. All their projects start with a Needs and Options Review (Step 1 – Your Blueprint Consultation) which objectively challenges all those preconceptions (design, programme, budget), without the risk of being offensive, with the sole aim of agreeing a way forward and forming a mental route map of how to deliver the overall vision.

Sound sustainable practice should not be a bolt on or gimic. They employ nature-based solutions both to inform and provide cost-effective, multi-purpose and flexible alternatives. Working with context, rather than against it, can further pave the way towards a more resource efficient, competitive and greener solution. Whether this is creating or restoring green spaces within an urban context, reducing waste or efficient use of energy as we integrate the most appropriate solution as an intrinsic part of their residential design process. They always endeavour to use, or reuse, natural materials to create a design integrity that is simple, personally relevant, robust and understandable.

They understand the complexities of the planning system and have an enviable record of achieving consents within challenging situations. Their experience ranges from contemporary one-off houses, or small developments, in sensitive locations (city centres, para 55, Conservation Areas, AONB’s and Greenbelt) to urban mixed-used or multiple units for developers.

“We help aspiring property owners to realise their dreams by design beautiful contemporary and sustainable homes”