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The solution to quickly extend your property.  Moduroom provides the perfect solution to homeowners to build your single storey extension in the Moduroom factory and install at the property in days.  Bespoke design and built to fit with your property and create your dream new space.

With over 20 years’ experience in the business, Moduroom provide the best possible solution for homeowners today. Their added extra is their unique approach to build your new dream extension off site in their factory and deliver lift and install in a matter of days. There are other providers trying to deliver a speedy solution to quick extensions, but Moduroom’s unique approach is developed and backed up by their heritage and commitment to produce bespoke quality build with their unique approach of factory build and then lift and install at the property by our highly experienced team.

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Bridge Road
Brompton on Swale
North Yorkshire
DL10 7HS

0800 195 3855