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Lochdhu Cottages  is a small timber frame kit home design and manufacturing business run and owned by Dick Potter, until recently based in the West Highlands of Scotland,UK. Their Registered office is now in Beechwood Business Park, Inverness and the kits are made in Beauly, whilst our trading/ business address is now in Totnes- known for its beautiful Elizabethan buildings, alternative vibe, the Totnes Pound  and it’s status as the world’s first Transition Town.

Lochdhu Cottages send  self build timber frame kit homes to all parts of the UK and even if the site for  the self build home of your dreams is outwith the Highlands and Islands area. This cost is a small percentage of the overall self-build home kit cost, so our prices remain very competitive.

Following the rapid introduction of timber-frame kit home bungalows in the 1980’s for the self builder, which have proliferated across the Highlands and Islands, Lochdhu Cottages felt there was a need to stimulate interest in more sympathetically designed  self-build houses in Scotland and other parts of the UK, that are more in keeping with the vernacular architecture of older buildings.

Many people associate old croft houses with damp and dark living conditions and, quite understandably, want to get away from all that. Very often the cost of upgrading is prohibitive, or the house is not ideally situated. No wonder then, that many people choose a better location and opt for wide timber framed  L-shaped bungalow self-build kits with picture windows and a low-pitched roof.

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