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Cableflor is a lightweight, self-assembly raised floor system – and it’s only 2cm high!

Cableflor is supplied in 1m squares and pre-assembled from 10cm square modules, you simply push fit the sections together.

Cables can be run underneath and you can easily remove a module where it needs to come up or tear off rows to fit your area and avoid any cutting on-site.

Lightweight, quick & easy to use – one cubic metre contains 50 square metres of floor. Each metre weighs only 4.5kgs – 5.3kgs and is made from injection-moulded polypropylene. It is only 2cm high.

Cableflor is classed as a floor lining and doesn’t require a fire rating (UK Fire Regulations Page 65, section B2.II) , although they can manufacture it with Class 1 and Class 0 upon request. They can also make it with an anti-static agent.

Finished floor or sub-floor surface; as a sub-floor surface, they recommend using the smooth black tile in recycled material.

Units 1 & 2
Burns Way
Holmbush Potteries Industrial Estate
West Sussex
RH12 4ST

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