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Welcome to the world of art, antiques and design.
Barnebys was created for all who seek the unique.

Not long ago, both patience and knowledge were required in order to browse auction catalogues or to find something special from a dealer as these businesses targeted a small circle of customers. That has, however, changed and globally people are discovering art and antiques for themselves. This means that there was a whole world of new buyers wanting to access the art and antiques market.

The idea behind Barnebys was first conceived in 2011, when Barnebys themselves realised how difficult it was to navigate in the world of auctions and art.

A query on the internet gave pretty much nothing, and certainly not access to the full art market. In the autumn of 2011, Barnebys launched a test version of their service in Sweden, and only a couple of months later most Scandinavian auction houses were available with a single search. It was revolutionary, and they’ve continued to affect the market ever since.

A lot has happened since the launch, and Barnebys are now in place in the US, UK, France and Germany. Every day new auction houses and dealers affiliates with Barnebys, and the number of objects on the website continue to grow.

The auction houses’ and dealers’ best friend. The number of buyers and sellers on the art market is quickly growing. In order for the auction and antique dealing market to grow, it needs be become more available and transparent.

That’s why Barnebys are convinced that their model, where the houses and dealers handle their the customer relationships directly and owns the deals, is a long-term winner.