The house ground solid floor will have wet underfloor heating. The two bathrooms upstairs will be on joists/wood floor. After the fitting of the bathroom suites there will be approximately 2 and 3sqm of free floor areas for pipe work.

As a wood/tile floor is not a particularly good heat emitter, is 2sqm and 3sqm of heating worth the effort and cost? Assuming the wood/tile could cope with a raised temperature by more pipe or increasing the temperature, would this not make the floor uncomfortably hot for bare feet? The issue of floor temperature is equally applicable if an electric floor heating were fitted to the same area.
There will be a towel rail as background heating which if the UFH were not to be installed would be increased in size.

Has anyone has any experience of wet UFH in a small bathroom they could share?
Thank you.

Joe Loughlin

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