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Modern glazed doors are a hugely popular option for people building new houses and extensions, offering a modern and stylish alternative to traditional patio doors. The question is should you go for bifold doors or sliding doors?

Folding or Bifold Doors

These are available in a variety of materials, aluminium, timber and composite.

The advantage of bifold doors is that they withdraw to create an unobstructed opening, really bringing the outside inside. If your priority is for a completely open vista then bifold doors are well worth considering.

Many of our customers also opt for a single access door within their bifold door system, perfect for everyday use. This can be achieved where there are an odd number of panels, providing the perfect combination of practicality and appearance.

Our award winning bifold doors are designed with the choice of flush or weathered tracks. Flush tracks provide a level threshold with the inside and outside. Weathered tracks are used in exposed locations or when a step down to the outside is required.

Sliding Doors

Sliding door systems are typically available in aluminium because of its strength and lightweight construction.

The advantage of sliding doors is that they provide large panels with door panels of up to 3000mm wide. This allows you to maximise the amount of glass and minimise the visible vertical frame. Usually a sliding door does not provide a 100% opening unless it can slide into a pocket.  Typical configurations provide a half, two-thirds and three-quarter opening.

These systems are worth considering if your priority is either the view from your home or the letting in natural light. With slimline profiles of just 83mm for our Grand Slider II and an ultra-slim 24mm for our award winning theEDGE system you can truly maximise the amount of glass in your doors.

Sliding doors are ideal for larger spaces. A large aperture over four metres with a two-thirds or three-quarter opening provides the perfect combination of narrow sightlines when closed, and unobstructed views when open.

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