My understanding is that the new rules brought about from 24th Feb 2014 meant I would be exempt. They have adivsed that the exemption applies to the CIL only and that this would have been a further £4000.
Is this correct? Surely I would be exempt from both under the new rules. I would be grateful of any advice you could give me. £13500 seems a huge contribution for just 1 house. Thanks.

  • Lindsey Davis


    Back in March we reported on how the Government plans to scrap Section 106 and under that AHCs, but we are as yet to hear a decision.

    We hope they do go ahead with the proposal, but it could be some time before it goes through.

    CIL has been scrapped though.

    We are right behind self builders on this issue though and will be quick to report any news on the decision.


  • Louise Fisher

    Many thanks Lindsey, although not the answer I had been hoping for! Is there any indication when their plans to scrap it will be definite? It may be worth withdrawing the application and putting it through later.

  • Lindsey Davis

    I’m afraid we can’t say for sure.

    NaSBA was asking for comments relating to the proposal to be in by the start of May, so I guess they have handed these over to the relevant people in Government and it is deliberation time.

    We will keep you posted, just check our press area from time to time for updates.

  • Rebecca Clutton

    Hi there, we’re also in Shropshire and going through our, wait for it, 4th planning application. First 2 were refused on policy grounds, last one was granted after lodging an appeal and now we’ve submitted our reserved matters for design etc. We too are liable for the £13,500 Section 106 agreement fee and are hoping it will be made exempt for self builders but, as Lindsey has said, there are no timescales as yet. We’ve taken the gamble that as we have a minimum of 8 weeks to wait now before our decision is forthcoming, we are hopeful the government will have made their mind up about the S106 situation. They were pretty good with the whole CIL thing so we just need to hope for the same with this. Good luck.

  • Louise Fisher

    thanks Rebecca and Lindsey, I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens. Glad to hear you now have the planning Rebecca, all the best with it!

  • Kenneth Rogers

    I am waiting for an approval for an additional detached house on a small brownfield site. False hope was given by the Government when it issued its "guidance" to LPAs that they should not seek AHC from developments of less than 10 units. However, as it is only guidance, an LPA does NOT have to follow it but to only have regard to it. I am aware that Shropshire Council propose to only have regard to the advice and to continue seeking AHC from all new build property developments. The CIL self-build exemption is not guidance but included in CIL Regulations that MUST be compled with by LPAs.

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