I am renovating an early 1980s timber-framed, brick-clad bungalow. The original hardwood window frames and early DG units (8mm spacer) are in need of replacement. I would like to incorporate additional soundproofing to the new windows and was considering double glazed units with an uneven thickness of panes and perhaps a laminated acoustic pane for one.

My concern is that the current windows incorporate trickle vents for ventilation. Are these likely to be a weak point thermally and acoustically in new windows? Would I be better off losing the trickle ventilation and installing a central, mechanical ventilation solution? The property seems well insulated otherwise though probably not air-tight to modern standards.

I realise retro-fitting mechanical ventilation may be problematic, but given the property is a bungalow I assume that all the plant and ducting could be installed to the loft space without too much difficulty.

I appreciate any advice for determining the best solution balancing cost, practicality and all round performance. Thanks.

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