We have a house built in 1903.
It has a Welsh slate roof with nail fixings. The roof slates are of a small size (9 inches x 8 inches). The roof needs repair because of slate slippage and some slates need replacing.
We would like to reuse the present tiles and have received conflicting advice from roofers.

1. Replace the roof tiles with new slate roof (slates from Spain) and fix with nails (because the roofer usually uses nails).

2. Refit existing slates and use secondhand welsh slates to replace broken slates. Fix with hooks (because hooks are a “modern” fixing, allow easy replacement of tiles in the future and re nailing the small tiles will be difficult because the old will need new holes in a small slate)

3.Refit existing slates and use secondhand slates to replace broken slates. Fix the slates with nails because this is the traditional method and the method that this roofer uses (used to repairing and reusing slates).

4. Hooks are best used for new slates as new slates are thicker and the hooks are designed for the thicker slates. Using hooks for thinner slates may lead to the old slates rattling.

We can see the pros and cons of each argument. At the moment we would like to reuse as many of the old slates as we can but don’t know if we should fix with nails or hooks.

Could you comment and advise please

  • AB Architectural Design Ltd

    Hi Martin,

    For professional advice I would speak with the National Federation of roofing contractors http://www.nfrc.co.uk/nfrc/home

    However if it was my roof I would go with option 3 as it is more traditional and on an older property it would look far better.

  • Martin Hussey

    Thank you
    After asking further advice and taking yours + National federation we are going with option 3
    refitting existing slates and replacing slates as needed. Slates will be fixed with nails.
    Work starts in 2 weeks. Will update with the outcome!

  • Martin Hussey

    We had the roof refitted with existing slates and some replacements (about 15%)
    Slates were fixed with nails
    The process took longer and therefore the scaffolding was around the house for longer, however this enabled other jobs to be done such as replace guttering, repairs and painting to bargeboards etc
    So overall we were pleased with our choice and the advice given and pleased with the result

  • Lindsey Davis

    Thanks for the update Martin.

    We are always happy to see advice shared through our website community has been helpful.

    Kind Regards,
    Web Editor

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