It is a common misconception that it’s very expensive to self build. Large, high-spec self builds will come at a premium, but the following projects all have build costs of £100,000 and under.

Please note: We’ve not included the plot price in these build costs – plot costs vary so wildly depending on location, and the plot circumstance varies between these projects defeating the object of comparison.

1. Eco Self Build in Brighton

Build cost: £90,000

Budget Self Build in Brighton

Jason Thawley took on the design and most of the labour in order to build his 80m² home in Brighton for £90,000.

2. Budget Barn-Style Self Build, North Carmarthenshire

Build cost: £80,000

Contemporary barn-style self build

Niall and Helen Maxwell used local materials and labour where possible to help them stick to their £80,000 build budget.

3. Handcrafted Home, Argyll & Bute

Build cost: £100,000

Budget self build in the Scottish Highlands

Robin Cochrane built the majority of his home on a DIY basis, calling in friends and family to help with the foundations and glazing.

4. Amazing Budget Self Build, Powys

Build cost: £98,500

Amazing low cost self build

Rob and Alithea Dawson built their remarkable energy-efficient oak-frame home on a DIY basis for just £98,500.

5. A First Self Build, Fife

Build cost: £59,000

budget self build home

Gordon Aitken roped in the help of his builder father and chief joiner brother to help build his two-storey, four bedroom home for under £60,000.

What factors affect build cost?

  • Location: land costs and labour costs can vary depending on location
  • Size: bigger houses will cost more to build (although two storeys will reduce the cost per m² of foundations and roofs)
  • Shape and layout: simple and square is the most cost-effective option
  • Chosen specification: high-end products will understandably eat up your budget
  • Involvement: the less involved you are, the more expensive the process will be

6. A Compact Self Build in East Ayreshire, Scotland

Build cost: £59,000

Compact budget self build - The Wee House Company

Jennifer Hope was just 21 when she founded The Wee House Company to offer a solution to Britain’s housing shortage – and practised what she preached when she and partner Mark Higgens built their own 40m² home for well under £100k.

7. DIY ICF Self Build, Derbyshire

Build cost: £68,000

DIY ICF Self Build on a Budget

Richard Baldwin used insulated concrete formwork (ICF) in the DIY construction of his £68,000 self build in Derbyshire. The use of ICF also means that the home is so well-insulated it has impressively low running costs.

8. Low Cost Eco Home, Somerset

Build cost: £95,000

Low costs sustainable home built on a budget

Mike and Jane Fry kept their build costs down by taking on much of the work themselves, and by creating a site at the end of their own garden. The finished, one-bedroom home had build costs of £95,000.

9. Characterful Energy-Efficient Home, Shropshire

Build cost: £35,000

Small energy-efficient home converted on a budget

Clare Williamson and Oscar Baldry have transformed a former newsagents in Shrewsbury (a building they purchased for £33,500) for £35,000 by taking on a lot of the building work themselves.

10. Straw Bale Self Build, Somerset

Build cost: £67,000

Straw bale and timber frame home built on a budget

Justin and Linda Tyers have built a straw bale, timber-frame home in Exmoor National Park for just £67,000. The couple not only designed the home themselves, but also took on a lot of the labour.

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