We have just completed a self build in Chelmsford Essex. My husband is a builder so he coordinated the work, arranged deliveries, chose the materials etc. I covered the admin including arranging services ( completing the applications, paying the fees, arranging the visits etc), liased with building control, council re planning conditions, structural engineer, Build Zone warranty and Code for Sustainable homes company, VAT return etc. Basically all the paperwork. My husband has just quoted for someone else’s self build. The guy is not a builder and hasnt done any of the prep work. He has a business so wants us to do everything. Obviously this is alot of work. Im just wondering what others have done? As the self builder how much work did you do? What was your expectation of your builders role? Who did the project managing work?

Thanks all! This is my first post 🙂 My blog is on Tumblr at Self Build Essex.

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