I am not sure what to be quoted for to supply gas to two new self builds. The entrance to the site is from a B road down an access road which we own, with the 2 proposed builds on the right of the access road, which then continues on to our property at the end. The first self build is reached after approx. 26 metres in from the main road and the second self build starts around 50 metres from the main road. Our property is further down the drive and you have to pass the self build plots on your right to get to our house.
We have a gas pipe running from the main road to our property and I have been verbally quoted a very small sum which I am assuming now is for the new gas services to each property to connect into our pipe. My question is, is it possible to have two new connections from the new properties into our gas pipe or would we have to (or would it be preferable) to bring in a new gas pipe from the main road to serve the 2 properties. Obviously the cost difference will be considerable because of the distance from the main road to the property boundaries
Has anyone had any experience of this. Nothing is straightforward with self build and the services seem to be particularly difficult. I suppose we’ll get there in the end.

Thank you for any help

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden

    It will depend on the size of the pipe that was taken to your property in the first place.
    Often, the gas providers will allow for any possible future developments when determining the size, so to an extent it will not really be your decision to make.
    In my experience, once they go beyond 40 meteres, it goes from a service connection to a small main, so hopefully you have a large enough pipe to take two more services.
    Request a quote, they will know the relevant information to determine whether they can take two more services from the existing pipe.

  • Lee Rolison

    Gas can be extremely expensive to install. Have you thought about installing a renewable alternative such as an air or ground source heat pump? You may even be able have one ground source servicing both new builds. The money you save may well make this a more economic option than gas. For more info there is an advice site call Renewable Home: http://renewablehome.org.uk/

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