A riverside plot gives you the chance to build a home with unrivalled views. And be it on the bustling banks of an urban canal, or the edge of a valley with the river below, the calming sounds of running water nearby add that something special to any build.

From traditional designs and rural settings, to contemporary properties that standout along densely packed riverbanks, you’re sure to find inspiration among this collection of Homebuilding & Renovating‘s finest riverside properties.

1. Contemporary Self Build in Nottingham

Built to a modest budget of £1,000/m², this contemporary self build exudes luxury in a prime position overlooking the River Trent, Nottingham.

contemporary riverside home

Discover how Roger and Jane managed to keep costs to a minimum in their self build by the River Trent.

2. Industrial Style Corten Home

contemporary riverside homebuilder with industrial style

Keen to recognise the industrial history of the plot, this contemporary self build combines modern materials such as steel and glass. The unique design makes it stand out against the natural setting.

Take a look at the interior design of this contemporary self build.

3. Colonial Pavilion Inspired Home

colonial style riverside home

This Thames-side plot came up for sale a couple of hundred metres away from Jon and Muriel’s existing home, granting them the perfect opportunity to embark on the building project they had always dreamed of. The couple drew inspiration for the design from their love of travelling, combined with a need to embrace modern technologies that would protect their property from risk of flooding.

See what other factors inspired this colonial style property.

4. The Old Bakehouse

traditional riverside home

Situated on the banks of a small inlet off Bow Creek, The Old Bakehouse has belonged to Jonathan Blain’s family for over thirty years. His sentimental connection to the property is reflected in the careful restoration of what was previously a dilapidated and outdated property.

Find out how this riverside property was updated without losing its character.

5. Unapologetically Modern Riverside Home

riverside upside down house

The homeowners of this contemporary riverside home, positioned on the Dartmouth Estuary, told their architect that they wanted their new home to take full advantage of technologies that would enhance its luxurious feel.

Discover what design features were used to complete this modern riverside property.

6. Oak Framed Home in a Valley

river view from open plan dining space

Location was the most important factor in determining where Rob and Jan began the construction of their new home. After exploring the options, they agreed on a plot on the banks of the River Wye, which offered a woodland setting enhanced by views of the water.

See how this oak frame home makes the most of its natural surroundings.

7. Ten Years in the Making

coast side traditional home

From the offset, David and Annette were aware of the challenges they would face constructing their dream cliff-face boathouse. Undeterred, they dedicated themselves to ten years of hard work, complex engineering and battling the elements — the results are nothing short of outstanding.

Find out more about this boathouse home on a challenging project.

8. Remodelling a Riverside Cottage

view of river from open dining space overlooking pool

Set in a prime location overlooking the Exe Estuary, homeowners Nigel and Sandra were keen to rid this shipbuilders cottage of its boxy rooms, small windows and low ceilings. They exchanged these for features that made the most of the stunning natural views.

See how they achieved this feat by extending their coastal cottage.

9. An Award-winning Contemporary Home

stunning riverside views from living room

This standout glass atrium offsets the sleek, wooden panelling lining the facade of the property. It simultaneously offers astounding views of the costal setting and lets in an abundance of light which really enhances the luxe modern feel of the home.

Find out what makes this contemporary cliffside house an award winner.

10. Relocating to a Riverside Spot

self build cottage with river views

Having owned and sold the property ten years previously, owner Bob and his wife Edith(who had long been captivated by the riverside plot), made the decision to buy the cottage again. They then embarked on a project that would replace the outdated holiday home with a light and fresh place to retire, with enviable views of the River Dart.

Discover more about this self build cottage overlooking the river.

11. Eco Home with River Views

river views from home with grand piano

The vision of a low-carbon home inspired this self build in rural Dumfriesshire. Cutting into the hillside not only allows this home to boast incredible views of the River Ken valley, but also assists in protecting the property from prevailing winds. Clever design and positioning have enabled this carbon friendly eco home to maintain a running cost of just £10 per week.

Take a look around the rest of this low-carbon self build.

12. Modern Living

waterside modernist home with river views

This contemporary riverside home stands out from the neighbouring thatched cottages that occupy the small village on the banks of Newton Creek. Despite an unclear vision for the final project, plot owner Andrew eventually opted for designs drawn up by local architect, Stan.

Read more about the brief Andrew provided his architect with to create this modern waterside home.

13. Extending a Waterside Cottage

waterside wooden property

This waterside sawmill, situated on a tributary of the River Dee, successfully combines 18th-and 21st-century architecture, which was fundamental to the success of the project in the eyes of owner/architect David and his partner Nicola. The modern extension, complete with cantilevered roof, is intended to demonstrate an evolution of the home through time.

If you’re interested in combining architectural styles, take a look around the rest of this extended saw mill.

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