I am currently looking at buying an old cottage with the aim of renovating it (via trades, not DIY) to make it into our family home.

It is stone with a slate roof and is single story. It is 99 sq m in size. Only the wall between the current living room and the kitchen, plus potentially the kitchen wall, are load bearing. The others are all straight forward studwork. I would attach the plan but I don’t know if I can here. The heating and hot water come from a solid fuel Rayburn in the kitchen.

I need it to have the following:

1. 3 bedrooms, 1 double, 2 single.
2. 1 bathroom
3. kitchen
4. Living room
5. Utility room

At the moment the loft is not utilised in any way. It would be good if we could move one of the rooms up there to create more room. I would just want simple plastered walls and ceilings.

What I’d like to know, and this may be impossible, is how much does renovation work like this cost? I have yet to get someone round to draw up potential layouts, but at the moment I would have about £30k to do the whole thing. If there is no way at all that something like this can be done for that kind of cost then I will start again!

Location is central Scotland.