We are a few weeks into a major renovation project of a 1970s detached house, which is also being extended right across the back. As expected with a property of this age, after lab testing the ceilings show low-level white/Chrysotile asbestos in the textured coating. The ceilings are badly stained and some damaged, and although we could seal and board over, many downstairs will have to be removed due to the extension/rebuild section anyway. We’d prefer to start afresh and have them removed, mess isn’t an issue as we are taking everything else back to the shell to rebuild the interior. Also removing will have the added benefit of allowing us to fully re-plumb and re-wire without lifting all the floors above.

We understand it’s relatively safe to deal with this low-level type of asbestos, having read all the HSE documentation, but it must be disposed of correctly in a licensed way. However we cannot find any company / contractor to do this, our builders can, but would far prefer a specialist with the right gear, and disposal facilities.

We’ve contacted 5 different companies in the past 2 weeks who advertise these type of services, and they either don’t return calls, or simply appear to have closed not offering the service any more.

Area is Cambridgeshire.

Any recommendations/advice?

  • Eddie Strong

    Hi we undertake this work, we are based in Lincolnshire but cover the whole of the UK. For a contractor to undertake textured coating removal, anything over 1 sq metre is considered large scale works and requires notification to the HSE. message us if we can be of assistance, if you can tell us how much textured coating and whether it is on plaster board or walls we can give you a cost……

  • J B

    Hi Eddie, can you give me you contact details and I’ll email you? Our builder has offered to do it, with the correct disposal skip and we have another quoting this weekend. It’s just the ceilings and therefore plasterboard: 4 beds, living, dining, kitchen/util, hall, landing, utility, WC, but bathrooms not affected. I’d estimate 1000 sq ft (but would need a on-site quote).

  • Ben

    I can completely sympathise – we’re renovating a 1970s detached house just across the border into Suffolk and have hit Chrysotile in a ceiling we were planning on raising. Removing the other ceilings was something I’d been considering for the same reason – would make re-wiring that much simpler – but that’s also now jeopardised by the asbestos.

    I’ve had enormous trouble getting the attention of tradesmen, structural engineers, architects and so on throughout the project so far. They all seem to be far too busy at the moment locally, and I’m not looking forward to adding asbestos removers to the list! Hope you don’t mind me asking what you did in the end?

    • Justin Harris

      Hi Both,
      Im in the same boat, all the walls and ceiling artexed and gloss painted… nice luckily its only in the kitchen but it has to go can you remember what the the cost was and how large an area?

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