We have planning permission for 4 bed detached house on Plot 1 of two plots. The garage side wall is less than 3 mtrs from rear wall of neighbour’s barn conversion and we are thinking of reducing the garage length to increase this distance and hopefully avoid party wall issues. This would involve minor reorientation of the house on the site which I believe would require a further full plng application.

A prospective purchaser recently submitted a further planning application for Plot 1 which received approval last month but this buyer has since withdrawn. Our original application allowed reconstituted stone for the build (the new build approx. 20 mtrs away on Plot 2 is well on its way in reconstituted stone).

The application submitted and approved last month for Plot 1 by the prospective purchaser was to build in natural stone. Because of various conversations it would seem that the Planning Department will probably put a condition on any future approval stipulating natural stone – the cost of which is out of our reach. Does this sound reasonable and would we have any right of appeal?

We may therefore be left with no option but to stick with the original plans to enable us to build in reconstituted stone and wonder how much of a problem could arise with party wall issues. The barn conversion is a long low building of two storeys but I suspect would not have deep foundations. The side garage wall of our build- approximately 6 mtrs long is the only wall anywhere near their building – this does have a bedroom over. Does anyone know of anyway to ensure no damage is done to their property is we decide to stick to our original plan eg could we use a special foundation, say, just for the garage floor.

Any advice on our position with Planning and suggestions for foundations would be appreciated.

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