We’ve knocked down the buildings – which was a bit sad in some ways because the fabric of the stable was perfectly good – and the site has been excavated. It all happened incredibly fast thanks to the 13-tonne digger and two six-tonne dumpers which managed to shift the spoil in a day-and-a-half.

You can now really get a sense of how the building will sit down into the ground, and how little impact it will have on the surround area. At the same time, you can see the technical challenges we are facing such as retaining all of that soil and waterproofing.

The building is now pegged out on site for the first time with the old buildings out of the way.

The time lapse video from Charlie’s project has been gathered by the Brinno TLC200 camera. The BrinnoTLC200 is a simple to use battery powered time lapse camera. It runs on normal AA batteries for over 120 days and automatically produces finished video files of your building project.

The camera can be supplied as part of a kit which includes Camera, weatherproof case, SD card, fixing bracket and batteries. For more information click here

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