We’re using locally-sourced iron stone (and little bit of Corten) to clad the outside of our self build. With the stone being sourced nearby, it means our home will fit with the local vernacular while also being sympathetic to its surroundings and reflecting the history of the area.

As any self builder will surely ask themselves – how do you keep this element of the project afforable?  Stone is expensive. We’re looking at £65/m² just for the stone, then add at least the same again for the labour.

I’ve got about 22-24 tonnes of reclaimed stone, which we could use, but it would take 2-3 times longer to lay (so not really saving us any money). So I’m debating whether to chat to my stonemason, and swap the reclaimed stone with the iron stone we’re using. He can then sell it on to someone with the time and budget necessary for reclaimed stone, and we can use the most cost-effective option for our project.

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