Well 11 months later and resubmitted with 2 excellent arb reports,planning consultant report and sunlight and shading programme,the local landscapes are seeking refusal.They have given us nothing to contradict our arb reports and are still looking to refuse on future occupant finding the tree outside our property on a grass verge overbearing and dominant if the tree doubles in size in the next 60 years.The tree is the only issue and not even sure landscapes have read our reports, as I live next door to the vice chair of our parish council.Does anyone Know if under the planning guarantee we can reclaim our planning fee as we are coming up to 26 weeks after resubmission of the same plan but with all the tree reports.We know we can go to appeal and are preparing this,but its better to get another refusal than appeal on non determination.Why are the taking so long if they are so sure.We resubmitted the plans on march 6th 2014 and still waiting for written comfirmation.Determination deadline may 12th.No letters asking us to extend the deadline.Any advice welcomed.

  • Graham Pick

    Well the 58 days it usually takes has now exceeded 200 days and still no answer one way or the other.We are now forced to go for non determination and costs,if you live in a village next door to the vice chairman with your main objector who used to be on the parish,be prepared for a long haul and hang in there.Never be intimidated like they have tried on me.

  • John Proctor

    Paul/Graham, I was wondering how you got on with your planning submission as I have a site with a similar problem. Did you conduct a shading analysis diagram for submission? Were you granted on appeal?

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