a Georgian home extended with a copper glass extension

Planning permission — two words which instill fear in the average self builder or renovator.

However, planning permission doesn’t need to be so scary and it helps to know your stuff. So, to get you off to a good start, we have put together a list of articles on everything from Permitted Development, to the Party Wall Act.

20 Things You Can Do, No Planning Required
Sally Tagg explains the many home improvement projects you can undertake within your home’s Permitted Development rights

An Introduction to Permitted Development
We explain what Permitted Development is and how it works

Planning Consultants Guide
Includes what planning consultants do, when you might need one, how to find a good one and more

Advice on Planning Permission
From Permitted Development to Paragraph 55 – and everything in between – maximise your chances of getting approval

Planning Permission How to Play the Game
How to play the planning game including the process, the politics and much more

The Party Wall Act
A detailed look at the Party Wall Act including how to approach your neighbours, how it can affect your renovation plans, and our readers’ questions answered

Building a New Home in the Countryside – Paragraph 55 Guide
The Paragraph 55 clause of the National Planning Policy Framework, and its previous guises of PPS7 and PPG7, allows new homes to be built on green belt. We explain how it works

Affordable Housing Contributions
A guide to Affordable Housing Contributions and how they are now being applied to those looking to self build

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