Hello, we are soon to start a new build of a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom guest suite on our land. I wondered whether there was an online tool to help with the scheduling of trades, from ground clearance to first and second fix? We want to make sure we get everything done in the right order, and have a chart to detail cash flow vs budget also.. does anything like this exist online? Happy to pay for this programme.. Thanks

  • Jeremy Murfitt

    There a lot of project management software packages available. For many years I have used Microsoft Project (£450). It is very comprehensive and powerful software, the downside is that it takes quite a while to get the most out of it. I recently moved over to a Mac and haven’t yet purchased a Mac based package. I have looked around and Omniplan gets some very good reviews. The advantage is that there is a Mac version (about £140) and an iPad version (£40). I’d doesn’t lack functionality although much cheaper than MS Project.

    PC Mag featured project management recently; http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2414461,00.asp
    They feature three online packages. The one thing always to be mindful of on site is having a good Internet connection to use the software. I assume that for the first few weeks /months you won’t have power let alone telephone lines and an Internet connection established. An iPad solution would tick a lot of boxes for me. Nothing worse than being on site and not being to able to access your software.

    I would also look at an iPad App called AutoCAD WS, great app as it allows you to view cad drawings. I use this app a lot, great being able to have plans available on site.

    If go down the iPad route get a good note taking app. I use Daily Notes. This is a simple app which allows you to takes for example site meeting notes, always useful. Don’t forget that an iPad also has a camera and can take video’s. On site a picture can be taken and immediately emailed to say your architect (or builder etc), again this enables an electronic record to be kept and helps avoid any confusion or miss-understandings.

    Hope this helps.

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