Recently moved into an old cottage which has electric storage heaters (not on mains gas). The house is cold and when we renovate we plan on installing an oil central heating system. In the kitchen/living area we plan on fitting an Aga/Rayburn to keep that area of the house warm in winter.

I am interested to know if anyone has an opinion on whether we would be better off going for a cooker only rayburn (or Aga) and installing a separate boiler for hot water & central heating, or if we should go ahead as planned and install a Rayburn heatranger which has a built in boiler for hot water and central heating?

pleased to hear your thoughts

  • E D

    Hi, I am in the middle of installing a 680KCD Rayburn having had the same thoughts as you. The pipework location was a major reason for going for Rayburn as it was in the middle of the kitchen below a chimney stack. Moving it to a utility or elsewhere would have been costly, and having a built in oil boiler in the kitchen isn’t exactly pretty!

    Rayburn will now be central feature., plus it’s a damn good cooker.

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