Hi all,

I have been searching for information on just how to get an extension to the rear of my property. The problem is, I have a terraced 1920s factory workers cottage which has a lovely long garden, right down to the river… so no rear access!! Any idea how an extension would be possible?

My neighbours have a single storey extension but it was there when they moved in so they don’t know how it was done. My house is right in the middle of a row of 5 cottages.

I have heard there are mini diggers available, but the maximum width through the house is 60cms due to the placing of the stairs. Several people have also told me there are options to use a crane to lift equipment over but this sounds a bit excessive, and dangerous, has anyone had anything like this done before?

All advice gratefully received.

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hello Uzume,

    We have heard stories of craning equipment in. Depending on where the crane would need to be to do this, it can mean closing the road and can work out to be fairly pricey, so you need to work out the cost of this as a percentage of your whole project (and remember you need to crane it out again too!).

    We have also had accounts of people dismantling mini-diggers and carrying them through windows.

    Talk to some contractors who have done it and try and price it all up. Work out the risks and benefits. And remember that if your project is a fixer-upper or something you want to sell on for profit, the costs need to be less than the added value.


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