People in the UK are set to spend £1.5bn on their homes in the lead-up to Christmas, a new report shows.

It is the desire to impress guests that is driving the majority of homeowners to spruce up their home, with 55% admitting to feeling pressured to have a home worthy of showing off.

The survey from Checkatrade of 1,000 homeowners also revealed that fear of judgment from friends and family was the biggest cause of pressure (50%), while in the last five years 53% of homeowners have recruited help to prepare their home for Christmas.

So where has this desire to impress our nearest and dearest come from? One in 10 attributed social media adding to the pressure to have a ‘perfect’ home. This need to impress people was felt by 34% of respondents.

While these findings are unnerving enough, they don’t compare to the financial implications homeowners face in getting their home ready for Christmas. Checkatrade reports that the average homeowner will spend £110, making the potential total spend in 2019 in the region of £1.5bn.   

A Renovation Isn’t Just For Christmas

While we’re all for people renovating their homes, a renovation is for life, not just for Christmas. Yet an astonishing 10% of people have fitted a new kitchen in the run-up to Christmas, while one in five have remodelled or redecorated the living room ahead of the holidays.  

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Mike Fairman, CEO at Checkatrade, points out: “It’s no surprise that homeowners are busy getting Christmas ready – but it’s a case of them decking the halls with paint and flooring, rather than boughs of holly.

“With so many Brits looking to spruce up their homes in the run up to Christmas, a time where we usually fill them with expensive gifts and decorations, it’s important to ensure that you’re only letting reputable, vetted and monitored trade experts in to your home, to ensure you aren’t missing out on a very Merry Christmas.”

Around half of respondents said they would do a deep clean to ensure the house is sparkling from top to bottom, while a third will wash the windows inside and out, and 27% will clean the carpets.

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