In between my house and my neighbours, there is an communal drive to the rear of my garden. This leads to 2 single garages (joined) directly behind my land with a space in front of each. I have always seen no sense in this and now that my neighbour has put his house up for sale (£180,000) I have sensed an opportunity. He is having no luck with the sale (6months) and I was going to make him an offer.

The garages themselves are useless – really too small for a modern car etc. I would like to knock through and create a ‘double’ garage and convert the roof area to a habitable room.

Whilst I appreciate that selling this garage would de-value his house, it is not really associated with it and there is ample parking out front for any purchaser. I was wondering if anyone had any advice/experience on how to approach this situation, likely or suggest purchase price and how I would even go about changing the deeds etc.?

All help and advice would be greatly appreciated.


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