We have a garden that would lend itself to a self-build but there are a number of mature trees on the land. None of them have TPOs and we do not live in a conservation area. In order to build in the best place we would have to remove at least 3 of the trees, probably a couple more in order to put in a drive way. I’d appreciate some advice on the best way to proceed in order to get planning permission. Should we cut down the trees now and then apply for planning? We are worried that the neighbours might contact the council if we start this and then we find there are TPOs. Are there any restrictions on cutting down mature trees? We have removed other trees without any problems.

  • Graham Pick

    Hi,read my blog on lime tree preventing self build.I my experience,cut them down before you apply as with mine they put a tpo on a tree that was 60 years old and a year on and several £1000 pounds spent on arb reports we are going to be refused again on the tree.We are going to have to appeal.Do yourself a favour and have them down,like I should have done.

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