Currently in our chalet bungalow, when someone flushes a toilet, someone else yells from a shower where the water has all but stopped. The bath runs slowly, you can’t fill the kettle whilst running said bath and generally the water pressure is inadequate. When we renovate the property, it will need much of its 1958 pipe work replaced but there seems little point in renovating without also dealing with the mains pressure. Our front garden extends for about 10-15 metres until it reaches the road and the mains water. I have no idea of what costs are involved in having this re-done/re-dug and would be grateful for an idea of cost (going the main contractor route) because it’s a fundamental thing for us to get right. Many thanks for any help.

  • Dominic Eves

    Hi Sarah,

    If you haven’t sorted this already. It’d probably cost circa 2-3k if getting a main contractor in to do it. There are also accumulator pumps available that can boost incoming mains pressure/flow rate.

    If it’s a complete renovation, I’d go for the first option of renewing the incoming main. If I can be of any further assistance, drop me an email at

    I’m a fully qualified Gas Safe Registered plumber.


  • Sarah Matthews

    Dom – your answer is very much appreciated as I didn’t yet have an idea of cost and I think the first option of renewing the incoming main is the wisest choice otherwise we could regret not doing it properly when we had the chance. Many thanks

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